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[#2] How To Use Classic Editor in WordPress 5.x

by tranglt

As you know, WordPress officially launched version 5.0 in 06/12/2018 with a big transition. A new editor – Gutenberg has added in WordPress core to replace for Classic Editor.

For someone, who want to find more information about Gutenberg Editor, just visit the article of What is Gutenberg.

Certainly, Classic Editor is more familiar with the WordPress users than Gutenberg, because Classic Editor exists from the beginning of WordPress. Moreover, a lot of themes and plugins are totally compatible with Classic editor, although the developers are trying to make their products integrate with the new one.

In case, if you want to use the latest version of WordPress but still like using Classic Editor, Don’t worry, there are some easy ways for you.

Firstly, Installing Disable Gutenberg plugin.

When WordPress 5.0 and Gutenberg are formally released, a new plugin is introduced as well. It is Disable Gutenberg plugin. After installing and activating this plugin, you are able to use the old WordPress editor. Of course, in the next time, if you want to experience the Gutenberg, just deactivate or delete the Disable Gutenberg plugin.

So, how to download/ install Disable Gutenberg plugin and where?

Just go to your live WordPress dashboard => Plugins => Add New => search for Disable Gutenberg plugin => click on Install Now button.

Or download Disable Gutenberg plugin at WordPress.com, then upload at Plugins section.

After installing successfully, just click on Activate button to activate this plugin.

The next step, go to Disable Gutenberg settings to tick on Disable Gutenberg Everywhere option. If you remove the tick on this option, you can choose to disable Gutenberg in somewhere you want.

After that, click on Save Change button.

In case, if you don’t want to use this plugin anymore, just deactivate and delete it normally.

Done with Disable Gutenberg plugin.

The second way, Installing Classic Editor plugin.

Beside Disable Gutenberg plugin, WordPress Contributors developed Classic Editor with 3+ million active installations until now, while there are 300000+ active installations for Disable Gutenberg only.

The steps are as installing and activating Disable Gutenberg plugin. After activating Classic Editor successfully, just go to Classic Editor Settings. => Choose Classic Editor for Default Editor for all user option.

If you choose Yes for Allows users to switch editors option, when you create a new post or page, at the right sidebar, there is an option to switch from Classic Editor to Block Editor.

The third way, add an extra code

If you don’t like to use the third party plugin to disable Gutenberg, just add this code to file functions.php in your theme.

add_filter( ‘use_block_editor_for_post’, ‘__return_false’ );

That is my experience to share you. You can choose for yourself the most convenient method.

If you have any concern, just leave a comment below, we will discuss together.

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