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Fix WordPress 500 error on hosting using DirectAdmin

by tranglt

The 500 Internal Server Error is a fairly common error. You may have met this error if you have been using WordPress for some time. In this article, Chuyencode will guide you on how to fix 500 errors for WordPress on hosting using DirectAdmin.

The cause of the Internal Server Error error

There is no unified cause for the 500 Internal Server Error. It can be caused by many different reasons such as plugins, themes, htaccess files, chmod, incompatible PHP versions, etc

How to fix Internal Server Error

1.1 Check the PHP version in use

Currently, some themes and plugins of WordPress require PHP 7.0 or higher, so if your hosting is using PHP version lower than 7, it can lead to a 500 error. You can contact your hosting to upgrade PHP to the latest version.

After changing the PHP version, you can try accessing the website again to see if it still has errors or not.

1.2 Check chmod

Check and make sure you are using chmod 0755 for the directory and 0644 for the file.

1.3 Check file .htaccess

Access FTP or File Manager to change the name of file .htaccess. For example, you will change the name to .htaccess.pin. Now,just try accessing the site to see if the issue still exists.

1.4 Disable all plugins

Access the folder wp-content to change the name of folder plugins. Example plugins-pin.

After renaming the plugins folder, try accessing the website to see if the 500 error is removed not. if the website works well again, you should rename the plugins folder to the original name and proceed to access the plugins directory and rename each Internal directory to identify the exact plugins causing the error.

The case after renaming the plugins directory and still has 500 errors, please follow the other ways below.

1.5 Disable theme

Please access the folder wp-content / themes and rename the theme folder that you are using. ry to access the website to see if there are errors or not, if you do, then you need to contact the web design to check the theme. of you, and if it still fails you can follow the next step.

1.6 Check the error log

You can open this file and check specifically if any error message is displayed inside or not to find a way to fix it. In case the error_log file is too large to view directly on the host, just double click on the file to download and view the file to your computer. For DirectAdmin, the Error log will be located at / domains / your-domain / logs.

After completing all the ways above and the issue still exists, just contact us, our developer team will check it.

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