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How To Insert Shortcodes To The Menu

by tranglt

Have you ever wanted to insert shortcodes into WordPress? By default, WordPress supports the implementation of shortcodes in posts, widgets (Text widgets, Custom HTML widgets), so inserting shortcodes into these locations is extremely easy. However, the menu is a completely different story. The WordPress menu does not support shortcode. Therefore, to insert shortcodes into WordPress menu, we will need the help of the plugin. In this article, I will introduce you to one of such great plugins.

Insert Shortcodes To The Menu

There are only 2 main steps to help you insert the shortcodes to the menu. You guys don’t need to know much about the code knowledge. Currently, there are a lot of WordPress plugins supporting this function. And here we are showing you plugin Shortcode In Menus

Step 1: Install and Active Shortcode to Menu Plugin

You need to install and activate “Shortcode In Menus” plugin. Please from Dashboard => Plugins => Add New => search for “Shortcode in Menus” => Click on Install Now button

After installing the plugin successfully, please activate that plugin.

Step 2: Insert shortcodes to the menu

From Dashboard => Appreance => Menu, you can see the shortcode tab at Menu section

After that, please enter the shortcode into the box, then click Add To Menu button. Besides adding shortcode, this plugin also supports inserting the code HTML as well. Therefore, you can use this to insert all the things you want.

After all, click Save button, then check the change on the frontend. Wish you success with this tip.

Just feel free to leave a comment if you have any concerns. Or submit a ticket, we are pleased to answer you.

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