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How to update the latest WordPress version to your website

by tranglt

You should regularly upgrade your website to the latest version of WordPress. Whenever there is a new WordPress version, you will receive an update notification on your admin page. A website should be updated at the time of the lowest traffic to avoid issues affecting your viewers.

There are two methods to update your website: automatic update or manual update. However, you need to back up the data first to keep your data safe.

Automatic update for WordPress

Login to the backend site, then from Dashboard, you will see the update notification on the top of the page.

Press on “please update now” link, then you will be navigated to the update page. Click on “Update Now” button. After that, please wait for some seconds. the updating process will be successful.

Manually update for WordPress

Step 1: Replace files.

  • Go to wordpress.org to download the latest WordPress version then extract that file.
  • Deactivate all plugins on your website.
  • Access your FTP account, then remove the old wp-admin and wp-includes folders from your hosting.
  • Upload the new wp-admin and wp-includes folders to your hosting. It will replace the old deleted folders.
  • In the wp-content folder, overwrite all the files one by one. Remember, do not delete an existing wp-content folder or any files inside it. Just overwrite them.
  • Upload all new files from the root directory to the existing WordPress root directory

Step 2: Run files

After you have finished uploading the files wp-admin, if a database is needed to update, it will provide you with a link. Click on that link and follow the instructions, your database will be updated with the new WordPress.

Activate the plugins in your site one by one and check if something goes wrong.

If you have Cache enabled, delete the Cache so that the changes will appear immediately. If not, your visitors will see the old version of your site.

Through this article, you will get two ways to update WordPress. However, we recommend you use the first way, it is much more easy for the newbie.

In case, if you need any help, just feel free to contact us, we are pleased to support you.

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